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The winner have been chosen: Alia & Saran. 

If you’ve read my previous post on Suti’s Clease Balm and you thought, ohh that sounds lovely. Well, marvel no more, and join this giveaway for a chance to win the samples above! (3ml pots/ 7ml bottles)

I’ve been planning to launch this event for a while now since I really wanted to share their products with you, and luckily, Tina from Suti kindly sent a few samples so you could try them. How great is that? All shipping arrangement and cost will be covered by yours truly, but hey, I’m more than happy to treat you all, and hopefully, your skin will love Suti’s products, like mine does.

Now, it’s so simple to join. And I’m not counting beans this time. :-P

This giveaway is open worldwide and is only for a week!

To enter:

Cumpolsary – otherwise you’ll get…

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Spider Web

The other day I opened the door and almost walked into a giant spider web! (Thankfully there wasn’t a spider actually in it…) I took some photo’s to show you:

Isn’t it big!

I love looking closely at webs, they are amazing!

I actually have a phobia of spiders, but for some reason I am fascinated with their webs! (as long as there isn’t a spider in them… *shivers*) I just think it’s amazing that something can make something so strong and intricate! I had my partner check very carefully for a spider before I went near it though. I like to think it was a small spider who just wanted to make a big web…. Okay, I’m getting a bit worried now, so I’m going to stop writing and think about something else!

Sam xx


Etsy Finds Friday

Hello! How are you all today? Are you looking forward to the weekend?

This weeks Etsy Finds theme is:

There was so so much to choose from this time!
Here are the links:
Clay Beads
Infinity Cowl
Amigurumi Elephant (Adorable <3)
Tardis Cake Toppers (I had to include something Dr Who related into my blue post!!)
Robot Birthday Card (I love this!)
Covered Button Hairslides
Cushion Covers
Glitter Nail Varnish (I want this so much, its gorgeous!)
Blue Topaz Earrings

The pretty hairslides are made by a fellow blogger! Claireabellemakes has a lovely blog and Etsy shop – you should really check them out! If you have an Etsy shop and would like to be featured in a future post leave me a comment :)

Thanks for visiting today!
Sam xx


New Baby Love

A few weeks ago my brother and his wife had a little baby girl! She is called Jasmine and is absolutely gorgeous <3 I wanted to make her something special that was useful, so decided to make a matching hat and headband set.

The pattern for the hat was found on Ravelry, the headband was created by me based on the bigger headbands I made, and I found the flower pattern in my Art of Crochet Magazine collection. They were really quick and easy to make which was really satisfying!

She looked so so so adorable! The hat was a little tighter than I would have liked, but hopefully it will stretch a bit the more she wears it :)

I’m thinking of making some baby-sized headbands to sell along with the bigger ones when I open my shop, what do you think?

Sam xx


Etsy Finds Friday

This week’s theme is:

Pretty pretties… This collection really reminds me of winter and wrapping up all snuggly and warm :) I bet those leg warmers would be so nice when its cold!

Here are the links (in order as always):
Spotty Organiser
Puzzle People Shakers
Baby Blanket
Daisy Picture
Painted Wooden Sign
Lace Leg Warmers (These look so so lovely…)
Unspun Lopi Wool
Super Tiny Felt Rabbit (Adorable!!)
Canvas Bag (I am buying my next bag from here!!)

Go check them out, there’s some great finds today!

Thanks for visiting :)
Sam xx


Cheeky Monkey

I made this cute little monkey as a gift for someone, isn’t he adorable? He didn’t turn out like the pattern though which was disappointing, and he was meant to have a felt face but it just didn’t look right! He still looks cute though so all is well ;)

His tail has wire in so it is adjustable, and I had to dye the cheeks pink as I only had white felt, thankfully it turned out well! His belly is made out of heart-shaped felt which I thought was a nice touch. I found the bananas fun to make :) Although until they were sewn together they didn’t look much like bananas!

Its so nice to be back blogging! I’ll be back tomorrow with Etsy Finds Friday :)

Thanks for visiting! Sam xx


Problems problems….

Well for almost 4 weeks we’ve had no phone line, meaning we’ve had no internet access!! So I’m so sorry that my blog has been so quiet recently, but things should definitely be back to normal now :)

As its late and I’m sleepy I will be posting a proper post tomorrow, so see you soon!

Sam xx