Competition Time!!!!

This post will be sticky until the end of the competition on the 13th of August, so please scroll down to find my other posts! :)

Its finally time!!!! YAY!!! We have finally reached 50 followers so we’re having a giveaway!! Woo!

Although first, as promised, I will post the celebration cakes for my blogs one month anniversary! (although as I was waiting for 50 followers before posting this it’s a bit late!)

Mmmm they were delicious…. When I next make them I’ll take step-by-step pictures of the process and give you the recipe :) They are the best cupcakes I’ve ever tasted!!

Okay enough about delicious cakes, are you ready for the competition?!
**Drum roll**
This is what you can win!

The actual prize is:

  • 2 balls of Hayfield Bonus DK 100g
  • A selection of pretty buttons
  • And the winner gets to choose between either the blue or pink bow headband (Adult size)

Awesome right?

Pretty pretty buttons, useful for so many things!!

Whoever wins will be the lucky first owner of one of my bow headbands! They are designed and crocheted by me, and I have been making lots to fill up my shop when it opens :) The winner gets to choose between either the pink or blue one, and I’d really appreciate feedback!

So here’s how to enter:
Make sure you are a follower and leave a comment saying which bow headband you would prefer – pink or blue. That’s it! Simple right? :)

Multiple comments wont count, and I will double check just to make sure. The competition is open internationally, and you have to be a follower to enter.

You have until the 13th of August to enter, so get commenting! I’d really appreciate it if you shared too! :)

Thanks for visiting,
Sam xx

Don’t forget this post will be sticky until the end of the competition on the 13th of August, so please scroll down to find my other posts! :)


Etsy Finds Friday

My Etsy finds post is late again – oops! But I have a good excuse this time, I was watching the Olympics opening ceremony! Did anyone else see it? Wasn’t it amazing! It made me proud to be British :) I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was blown away!

Anyway, here is the post! The theme for today is:
WHITE! (Which obviously, as it is white the writing can’t be otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see it!)

Such pretty things, and I superly need that giraffe mug!! <3
Here are all the wonderful links:
Baby headband
Adorable little gift bag
Typography poster
Amazing giraffe mug (seriously, I will be buying this soon!!)
Heart garland
Dragonfly yarn bowl (I really want this too!)
Ceramic Roses
Bridal flower

Gorgeous things, go check them out!
Sam xx


Granny Square Tissue Cosy

This was meant to be posted yesterday, but wordpress was playing up! It wouldn’t upload any pictures, then when I went to add a link it refreshed and I lost everything! So I’m trying again….

Remember this post? Well here’s my finished granny square tissue box cosy!

I love it! You can find the pattern on Ravelry. It was easy to follow and I am really happy with how it turned out :) All I had to differently was adjust it to the tissue boxes we buy. Look at the pretty trim:

Although I have had one problem… When we bought a new box of tissues we found that they have changed the box sizes!! :( Not sure what we will do!

Hope your all enjoying this lovely sunshine we’ve finally been given!
Sam xx


Etsy Finds Friday

Its etsy finds friday! Yay! The past few weeks this has been on hold because of moving and having no internet, but hopefully it will be back on from today :) (Also, after searching for items on etsy it’s actually turned to Saturday, oops! But late is better than never, right?)

Today’s theme is:
YELLOW! (Which brings up the problem of visibility when writing! oops!)

I loved searching for today’s theme, it made me so smiley! Here are the links:
Owl toy and blanket
Paper elephants
Slouchy hat
Bakers twine
Tree print
Elephant and zigzag pillows
Bee ribbon
Clutch purse
Kawaii deco kit

Check out the links, there’s some really great items!

Thanks for visiting again :)
Sam xx


Pretty pretty yarn

As its Wednesday I would normally post a work in progress, but as I’m making lots and lots of headbands (and the headbands were the last thing I posted!) I have nothing to show you! So instead I’m going to show you my beautiful new yarn :)

Pretty isn’t it? It arrived on Saturday and I had to try it straight away! (Which is why the pink ball is smaller! :p) Its so so soft, and great to crochet with! I am totally in love! <3
I don’t have a pictures of the blue on made up, but here is the pink one:

I will try to post a picture of the blue yarn made up soon :)

Thanks for visiting!
Sam xx



You might remember this work in progress post where I was in the middle of making a pretty headband? Well its now finished! Yay! (It was actually finished a while ago but with moving house I’ve not had chance to show you!)
In the end I made my own version of the headband. The pattern was quite confusing and I didn’t like some parts of it, and I’ve changed it so much that this is my own pattern!

Pretty isn’t it? I liked it so much that I made more!

I also designed my own bow ^_^

I’ve been making lots as I will be selling them in my shop! It’s really fun making things ready for when I open my shop :) I’m so excited about it!

Also, I have some news about the competition! The items I will be giving away arrived over the weekend, so as soon as I reach 50 followers I will be posting the giveaway post! :D So get sharing, we’re almost there!

Thanks for visiting today :)
Sam x


W.I.P (Work in progress)

Here’s this weeks work in progress!

Its going to be a monkey :) I’m almost done now, I can’t wait to show you the finished result!!
Coming up over the next few days I plan to show you the last few works in progresses that are now complete! Yay! Some of them I finished quite a while ago, but since we still don’t have our own internet access I have’t got round to uploading them.

I’m now up to 43 followers so we’re sooo close to the giveaway! I ordered the things for the prize today, I can’t wait until they arrive! :D

Sam xx


W.I.P (Work in Progress)

Here’s what I’m working on this week!

I can’t reveal what it is yet as its a surprise for someone :) I am writing the pattern myself, which has been quite exciting!
I’m really looking forward to revealing it all to you soon!!

In other exciting news, I will be having a giveaway soon!!! Yay!! It will be to celebrate reaching 50 followers and for my first months anniversary (which was yesterday!) I’m currently at 39 followers so only 11 to go! Keep a look out for the competition post ^_^

Thanks for visiting!
Sam xx


Yarn Love

From today (Wednesday 20th June) I will have no internet for about 2 weeks. Please still feel free to comment or send a message and I will get back to you as soon as I’m back! I have organised for some posts to auto-post, sorry if this doesn’t work!

Yarns are like a drug to me, I just love looking at them, buying them, feeling them…. Surely someone out there is the same? Its just so addicting! I just love walking into a yarn shop and seeing all those colours, feeling all those textures, and choosing my own to bring home and love! We are really low on money at the moment so I haven’t been able to buy any yarn for a long time – I think the last time I bought some was around August last year I think… I spend more time than I should window shopping for yarn so I thought I’d put a  few on here that I really like, and for fun I made them into a rainbow :)

So so pretty…. I can’t wait until I can buy myself some yarn!! My stash is running seriously low, I reeeeally hope I don’t run out of yarn, I don’t know what I’d do with myself!
I tried really hard to find yarn from somewhere other than etsy as I do my etsy Friday posts, but I found they had the best selection! I didn’t want to do a proper yarn shop either as I wanted to support small sellers.
Here’s all the links to the lovely shops :)

Pretty pretty pretty <3

Have a great week!
Sam xx


I won a competition!!

I’m on borrowed internet because I HAD to show you something that arrived yesterday!!!
A few weeks ago I entered a competition to win a Lupi pillow – And I won!! YAY!

I was sooo excited, I got to choose the colours and its turned out perfectly!

I love the cute little drawings on the envelope!! Here is the back too:

Okay, are you ready to see him? :D

Isn’t he adorable?!! (also, do you like our new couch? ^_^)

He came with lots of goodies too! Look:

I was planning on calling him Loopy (Loopy the lupi!) but he seems to have adopted the name ‘Mr Lupi’ instead! He just really suited it :)
I’m completely in love with him!! If you would like one of your own or one of the other wonderful things for sale,  here are the links!

SukiSuki on Etsy
SukiSuki’s Blog

The maker of these wonderful creations is Marianna. She is so friendly, we’ve been talking lots since I won the competition! And she is really talented, her designs are so unique and Mr Lupi is so well made!

It shouldn’t be too much longer for me getting my own internet access, maybe about a week or two. I can’t wait to get back into the blogging world properly!

Thanks for visiting ^_^

Sam xx