I have two cute halloween-themed things to show you! :)

Hahaha! This one is from here :) This next one is just too cute!!

Adorable, right? This one is from here

I’ve had these two saved for like a month to show you! I saw them and just knew you’d all love them! :D

I would just like to say, I hope everyone being affected by Hurricane Sandy is safe and well, you are all in our thoughts ♥

Sam xx


Happy Halloween!!!

I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween :)

Do you have any plans or parties tonight?

Couldn’t resist this image, just too cute!! 

Be safe and have a great time whatever you do!

Sam xx

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Etsy Finds Friday – Special Edition

A day late again…. If I carry on like this I will have to change the name to ‘Etsy Finds Saturday’! Doesn’t quite have the same feel though does it?

Anyway, today’s theme is a special edition:

As it is Halloween on Wednesday I thought I would show you some Halloween-themed finds from Etsy ^_^ There is so many wonderful things so I decided to split my mosaic into 4 sets:

Baby Dress and Headband
Adult Iron Man 2 Ironette Costume (Really really want this!)
Children’s Witch Costume (Adorable!!)
Disney’s ‘Tangled’ Wig

Trick Or Treat Banner (I love how this has netting in-between each letter)
‘Boo’ Wreath
Bat Garland (Want one of these!)
Clip Art Owl’s (So cute!)

Decorations, toys, bags and make-up:
Ghost Garden Decoration
Toy Monster Blocks (Adorable!)
Personalised Trick Or Treat Bag
Shooting Star Eyelashes (I really Love these, so pretty and can be used for any occasion)

Signs, lighting and buckets:
Wooden ‘Boo’ Sign (So simple!)
Personalised Trick or Treating Bucket
Needle felting Cactus Monster Kit (This would be great to make for a halloween party!)
Wooden Hanging Sign with Bow

Halloween is not very big here in the Uk. I would love to go to America for Halloween one day! It always looks so amazing ♥ Are you going to/having a Halloween party this year? We will be putting up a few decorations, carving a pumpkin (If we can get one in time!) and handing out sweets :) Not dressing up though, I don’t have anything I could wear!

Whatever you do, I hope you have a great time :)
Sam xx

**Edited to change the final collection due to a shop asking me to remove their picture.**


Etsy Finds Friday

Oops, completely forgot to do this post yesterday!! I was busy finishing off a special crocheted birthday present for my sister – I can’t wait to show you!

Today’s Etsy Finds theme is:

Here are the links:
Felt Flower Brooch
Chopsticks (So pretty!)
Nappy/Diaper Clutch (I want this as a handbag!!)
Iron-on Appliqué Hearts
Shimmery Eyeshadow (I love this so much <3)
Matryoshka Doll
Cotton Fabric
Merino/Nylon Yarn (pretty!)
Crochet Bead Necklace

Gorgeous aren’t they!
As always, if you have an Etsy shop and would like to be featured in a future post leave me a comment :)

Sam xx


We have to help them find this bunny!! <3

Kiss & Tell

Well, technically it isn’t missing… but we really do need to find a rabbit like this one. Twitter dude, @6000, has a friend whose son is going in for some pretty serious radiation therapy. After which this bunny will have to be incinerated. They are desperately trying to find another one like it. ASAP.

This is a super traumatic experience for anybody to go through, and if you’ve ever had a family member or a friend go through radiation therapy – you know how hectic it can be. This little guy is going to be stuck in quarantine ALL ALONE for 3 days… jeez, i couldn’t even go to the kitchen alone when i was a kiddie. This little bunny will be the only companion he’ll have while he’s going through the procedure & unfortunately the bunny will have to go bye-bye afterwards :/

This is what the dad…

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Etsy Finds Friday


Today’s Etsy Finds theme is:

It was really hard not to totally fill this one with jewellery, but I really wanted a variety of things!

Here are the links:
Sapphire Swarovski Crystal Necklace
Love Birds in Tree Canvases
Crochet Pouch (Pretty!)
Turtle Hatchling Money Clip
Fox Wedding Cake Topper (Check out the other things in this shop – amazing and very unique!)
Mother and Baby Birds Necklace (I really want this!!)
Hair Barrette
Metallic Ribbon Yarn
Cat Ring (I love this too!)

Go check them out, there’s some awesome things!
As always, if you have an Etsy shop and would like to be featured in a future post leave me a comment :)

Sam xx