Cheeky Monkey

I made this cute little monkey as a gift for someone, isn’t he adorable? He didn’t turn out like the pattern though which was disappointing, and he was meant to have a felt face but it just didn’t look right! He still looks cute though so all is well ;)

His tail has wire in so it is adjustable, and I had to dye the cheeks pink as I only had white felt, thankfully it turned out well! His belly is made out of heart-shaped felt which I thought was a nice touch. I found the bananas fun to make :) Although until they were sewn together they didn’t look much like bananas!

Its so nice to be back blogging! I’ll be back tomorrow with Etsy Finds Friday :)

Thanks for visiting! Sam xx


14 thoughts on “Cheeky Monkey

    • Thank you! I know, it’s invisible until you know about it and now I see crochet everywhere! It’s actually getting quite popular now :)
      By the way, I love your little rats! We have been planning on getting some rats soon! We have mice at the moment though so we decided we will just stick with them for now :)

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