Spider Web

The other day I opened the door and almost walked into a giant spider web! (Thankfully there wasn’t a spider actually in it…) I took some photo’s to show you:

Isn’t it big!

I love looking closely at webs, they are amazing!

I actually have a phobia of spiders, but for some reason I am fascinated with their webs! (as long as there isn’t a spider in them… *shivers*) I just think it’s amazing that something can make something so strong and intricate! I had my partner check very carefully for a spider before I went near it though. I like to think it was a small spider who just wanted to make a big web…. Okay, I’m getting a bit worried now, so I’m going to stop writing and think about something else!

Sam xx


9 thoughts on “Spider Web

  1. We have a spider in our gate too. It builds its web straight across the gate handle, every morning there is a new one! I once read a great photography tip somewhere for photographing cobwebs….spray them gently with water first (think dewy morning), it shows up all the detail.

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