Upcoming Surgery (And a Sneak Peek!)

Sneak Peek
I am very sorry for being away for so long, but I have been having tests done. I have had the results, and have 2 tumours on my liver. Thankfully they are benign, but they are very large (around 10 cm each) and have to be removed by liver resection. I am scheduled for the major surgery on Friday and I am incredibly scared! I’m going to be in hospital for about 2 weeks, so won’t be able to post until I’m back home.

When I get back I will show you all the things I have been making! I have a lovely blanket to make while in hospital (I wanted something easy and repetitive). I have made some of already so I can get used to the pattern, so hopefully I will finish it in hospital and can recover at home snuggled underneath it!

Also to keep you interested while I’m away, here’s a sneak peek of something I have been making lots of recently! ^_^

Sam xx



Etsy Finds – Birthday Edition

Today’s Etsy Finds is a special edition as it was my birthday on Thursday! I have selected a range of things that I would have loved to receive ^_^

page - Birthday 2014
Here are the links:
3 Bath Cookies
Cat Mug In Back Or White (I NEED this!!)
Fondant Giraffe Cake Topper (I had to include a giraffe ;) )
Candy Birthday Card
Happy Birthday Cake Banner
Personalised Birthstone Necklace (This is beautiful)
Crackle Glass Earrings
Double Flap Clutch (I really want this, it’s so pretty and useful!)
Sleepy Time Epic Vegan Lip Balm (My lips are really sore at the moment so this would come in handy!)

As always, if you have an Etsy shop and would like to be featured in a future post leave me a comment :)

Sam xx


Etsy Finds Friday

My Etsy finds post is late again – oops! But I have a good excuse this time, I was watching the Olympics opening ceremony! Did anyone else see it? Wasn’t it amazing! It made me proud to be British :) I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was blown away!

Anyway, here is the post! The theme for today is:
WHITE! (Which obviously, as it is white the writing can’t be otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see it!)

Such pretty things, and I superly need that giraffe mug!! <3
Here are all the wonderful links:
Baby headband
Adorable little gift bag
Typography poster
Amazing giraffe mug (seriously, I will be buying this soon!!)
Heart garland
Dragonfly yarn bowl (I really want this too!)
Ceramic Roses
Bridal flower

Gorgeous things, go check them out!
Sam xx