Happy Geek Pride Day!

Happy Geek Pride Day to all fellow geeks out there! *waves* I love all things Superhero, sci-fi, games – and my love for yarn and crochet is definitely geeky!

I’ve been quiet for a little while because last weekend I went to my first superhero convention! I went to The City Of Heroes in Birmingham, and I’ve spent the rest of this week recovering!

There were some amazing guests – here are the autographs we collected:

Autograph collection
From top left –
~ Brandon Routh – Superman from Superman Returns and Ray Palmer/The Atom
~ (3 Autographs in this one) Stephen Amell – Oliver Queen/The Arrow; David Ramsey – John Diggle; Caity Lotz – Sara Lance/The Canary – All from the TV show Arrow
~ Both middle pictures are from The Flash TV show:
Jesse L. Martin – Joe West; Rick Cosnett – Eddie Thawne; Candice Patton – Iris West
~ From Gotham TV Show:
Cory Michael Smith – Edward Nygma; Sean Pertwee – Alfred Pennyworth (Also the son of Jon Pertwee who played the third Doctor from Doctor Who!); David Zayas – Sal Maroni
~ Jason Momoa – About to be Aquaman in the new movie (and will be introduced in the new movie Batman v Superman) but also Ronon Dex from Stargate Atlantis, Conan from Conan The Barbarian, and Khal Drogo from Game Of Thrones

Awesome right?! The weekend was full of talks by all the guests, autographs, photoshoots and more! It was a great first convention to go to, and we’ve already booked next years tickets! Our top stars of this one were Brandon Routh and Stephen Amell ^_^

Have you done anything geeky recently? Who would you most like to meet? (could be anyone, not necessarily from tv!)
Sam xx


Sunday Loves – Family!

I’ve spent the weekend with my sister, brother-in-law and niece and it’s been lovely!

Pooh Quote
My niece has recently turned one, and is just so cute! We looked after her on Saturday while my sister and brother-in-law went on a date, then slept over and looked after her today. We’ve only been home a couple of hours and I already miss her!

Have you had a nice weekend?
Sam xx


Trip To Manchester!

Sorry I’ve been quiet, I’ve been staying in Manchester for a week! We only live about 45 minutes away but love spending time there, so when we booked our tickets for Olly Murs (yay!) and then 5ive, we decided to stay there for a whole week! We had a great view over Piccadilly gardens from our hotel, and picked the perfect week as the sun was out the whole time!

Manchester - April 2015
We spent the week relaxing, shopping, sunbathing and going to the two concerts! First was 5ive (who we got to meet!) on Tuesday, then Olly on Friday ^_^ Overall an awesome week!

Sam xx