Free Pattern: Weave Square

Here’s what I was making from this post! Did you guess right?

Weave Square - Free Pattern
I thought I’d share with you a square I have made! I got the idea from a picture I found online. I couldn’t find a pattern so created my own! I hope you like it :)

Weave Square - Free Pattern (materials needed)
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Skill Level: 
Easy to intermediate. The pattern is basic double crochet and half-treble crochet, but putting it together is a bit more complicated. I’ve explained each step as clearly as possible though, and included lots of photo’s to help 

Finished Dimensions:
4×4 inches, but it can be easily adjusted. If you need help with this just ask!

I used a mix of brands in DK. It can be any yarn, but remember it will change the dimensions if it is a different weight

Hook Size:

Other Materials:
Darning Needle

Unless you are after a specific sized square tension is not necessary. If you do need it to be specific, each strip should measure 9×1 cm each

Stitch Key:
This pattern is in UK terms; for the American terms please see ‘tips’ below 
htr – Half treble
dc – Double crochet


  • I find weaving in the ends as you go along really helps. That way all you have to do at the end is weave the last end in. The way I do it is I crochet over the first loose end made, then sew in the one at the end of each strip. None of my strips had loose ends once I started connecting them, making things much easier and neater.
  • The coloured strips are only fastened down at the ends. 
  • American term conversion: htr in UK is hdc in US;  dc in UK is sc in US

Making the strips
You need to make 5 white, 2 orange, 2 medium yellow, 1 light yellow, or any colour combination! 

Row 1: ch 18. htr in the 3rd chain from hook, htr along (16 sts) Fasten off and weave in ends. Repeat until you have the right amount of strips.

Weave Square - Free Pattern (strips)

Putting the square together
Row 2: Join in with white on a white strip as if you were about to do another row of htr. dc 1. Then pick up one of the dark strips. Place it vertically at the back of the white strip and dc in the next 2 sts, making sure you go through both strips. dc in the next st on the white strip. Repeat this process with all of the coloured strips, overlapping and under-lapping alternately, with a dc between each one. Use the picture for guidance. End with a dc.

Weave Square - Free Pattern (strips)

Row 3: ch 1, 2 dc down the end of the white strip you’ve been working on, then ch 1. Pick up the next white strip and dc twice along the short edge, then ch 1. repeat with the rest of the white strips. Make sure you don’t dc through the edge of the coloured strip here, only crochet the white ones. The coloured strips only get dc along the short ends. You don’t need to worry about the placement of the coloured strips until you do the next side, so don’t worry about them for now.

Weave Square - Free Pattern (strips)
Row 4: This is where you start needing to make sure the strips are in the right place, but the weaving is not super important other than for guidance until you get to the white strips again. The main thing to remember is if it under-laps at the top then it does at the bottom too. Starting with the dark colour, overlap and under-lap in the right place, again using the picture for guidance. Then ch 1 and dc along in the same way as round 2.

Weave Square - Free Pattern (Third Side)
Row 5: Now you need to make sure the colours are weaved properly. All the coloured strips are fastened down so you will only be able to move the white strips. Once that’s done: *ch 1, dc in next 2 sts of the short end of the white strip* repeat along, making sure the strips are weaved correctly for the final time, ending with a ch 1

Row 6: starting with 2dc  in the next st (the corner), dc around the whole square, making sure you do 2 dc in the rest of the corners too Fasten off, weave in the final yarn end, and you’re done!

Weave Square - Free Pattern
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial! If you have any questions feel free to ask me, and if you send me photo’s of your finished squares I’ll post them here! (I’ll get round to this soon, I promise!)

If you’d like to save it for later here’s the Ravelry link!

If you’d find it easier to read this pattern in Hungarian, The wonderful Mercédesz has translated it over on her blog! Go here to check it out ^_^
Translations are always welcome as long as they credit me and link back to my blog. If you’d like to be added to the bottom of the pattern post your link below or message me!

Sam xx

76 thoughts on “Free Pattern: Weave Square

    • I’ve actually never heard of this book before and definitely didn’t copy anyone’s pattern! This was interpreted by me based on a picture of something similar I saw online. Of course, this could be seen as copyright, but as I stated above I searched the internet for a pattern of anything even resembling this as I wanted to make it and couldn’t find anything, in print or online. I don’t claim the idea as mine, this is just my take on it. I’m not making any money from it and have been clear from the beginning that this is not an original. Do you have a picture of the square in the book so I could compare?

    • You cannot copyright “useful items/articles” i.e. clothing, needlework, recipes – only the “written” pattern or recipe or “pictures” creator or author used, etc. So, whatever The Giraffes Hat shares is lawful as long as she does not print or copy & pasta the pattern instructions from a book or use pictures from book, or video, etc.

  1. Hi thank you for your interpretation of this pattern its just what I am looking for to cover an ottoman I have I too have looked everywhere and not been successful

  2. I have been looking for something unique to make an Afghan for myself, this is awesome and I am going to try this in red and black. Wish me luck! If I can manage t o make this work I will send you a picture. Thanks for your interpretation of pattern, you explained it awesome!

  3. I don’t understand how to join the strips together. Are some of them not completely fastened off or something? Are you able to just sew the pieces together?

    • Sorry for the confusion! The strips are all fastened off. You could sew it but you won’t get the extra edge of the square and it probably won’t look as neat. You are basically crocheting the strips together. If you look at the first picture under Row 2 you will see I have gone through a stitch of the white and a stitch of the yellow. Does that help?

  4. Love this pattern and hope to have several made by Spring. I’m just starting to venture out on new patterns and this looks like a great hot pad pattern(thick)

    • Sorry for the late reply, I must have missed it! Just in case you’re still confused, DK stands for Double Knitting – a weight of yarn in the UK. In America it is equivalent to Light Worsted I think!

  5. I would to be able to download this pattern because I would like to try it sometime. Is there anyway I can download it or you can send me the pattern via email. I would appreciate it. This is an awesome idea.

  6. Thank you , thank you , thank you . I’ve been looking for this pattern for months after seeing it posted on Facebook . I could have done as you have done and made my interpretation but wanted to see a pattern if possible .

  7. I would suggest if making hot pads from this pattern, use crochet cotton because acrylic yarns will melt under high heat.

  8. Have you tried with longer strips? Was thinking about trying something similar but i would want to do the full blanket not just squares. I dint want to waste my time if it’s been tried and proven unsuccessful.

    • I haven’t but that’s a great idea! Let me know how you get on, I’d love to see it when it’s finished! You might find it helpful to sew a few of the crossovers between stitches when it’s finished if it seems like it needs it when it’s so big :)

  9. I’ve been waiting to finish up the project that I’ve been working on, so that I can do this one. It’s very cute and looks like a great stash buster for all my odds and ends. Thank you for your generosity in sharing the pattern!

  10. I love to make things for sick kids. Always looking for new patterns. Finger puppets, hats, toys, anything they may love. Keep up the wonderful patterns!

  11. this is gorgeous!, i was looking for a pattern to do yellow/whit/grey…this will be perfect :)
    Thank you for sharing….I look forward to wandering through
    Take Care,…You Matter

  12. Im kind of confused on how to join the white strip onto it. Are you suppose to dc 3 times before you crochet more white on or what? Sorry just a little confused on how to do it

      • Hey Taya, sorry for the confusion! Okay, so you’ve already attached the top white strip of the square? If so, you first need to get past the end of the first white strip by dc twice, then chaining 1. Then you pick up another strip and do another 2 dc’s, then chain 1 again until the end.
        So yes, technically you do dc 3 times at the beginning as you end row 2 with a dc then do 2 more, but you don’t do that all the way down.
        Does that help? If not let me know! :)

  13. I guess what I need to know is what do I do when going all the way down? Do I just add a white strip one after another and nothing between them? Sorry for being such a nuisance

  14. It’s raining but I am having a very pleasant afternoon, crocheting this lovely square. Thank you for all your explanations – and as for the result, well it looks like it should be , almost – and I am beginning my second square.

  15. Hi, have you made an instructional video yet? I’m still getting bogged down on joining them all to the white strip for some reason. Obviously it’s written clearly if everyone else is getting it. Just can’t wrap MY head around it, for some reason!

  16. Do you have a tutorial for this piece? I’m having trouble connecting the strips. I want to make scarves out of the squares for Christmas gifts. Love, Thanks Suzanne

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