Etsy Finds Friday – Christmas Edition

I can’t believe where this year has gone, its December tomorrow!! Anyway, today’s gift pair is: ‘Pets’ and ‘Cards and wrap’ :)

So firstly:

page - pet
Here are the links:
Horse Treat Wreath
Personalised Velvet Dog Collar
Cat Shaped Cat Bowl (I love this!)
Pet Lover Bauble + Donation To A Pet Rescue Centre
Rainbow Rabbit Plush (I want one of these!!)
Cat/dog Collar Tie
Hamster, Rat or Gerbil Bed (My mice would love this)
Cat Cave Bed (Awesome!)
Hamster, Rabbit or Gerbil Stick Treat

Perfect for any pet lover, or for yourself and pets! :)


page - cards and wrap
Here are the links:
‘Wish’ x3 Clay Gift Tags
Box Of Bakers Twine In Christmas Colours (I love this ^_^)
Set Of 4 Reusable Fabric Gift Bags
Set Of 24 Christmas Cards
Gingerbread Gift Wrap (Awesome!!)
Colourful Doilies (Would be great to wrap around the present)
‘Believe’ Rubber Stamp
‘Baked With Love’ Gift Tags (Pretty!)
Christmas Washi Tape (I love washi tape :D)

Isn’t there some great things? I want everything! ^_^

Sam xx


Etsy Finds Friday – Christmas Edition

Sorry this is late, I’ve been so busy making Christmas presents that I lost track! I will show you a progress pic next week :)

So, today’s gift pair is: ‘For Him‘ and ‘For Her‘! These would be great for that special someone, or just a friend or family member :)


I usually find men quite hard to shop for, but Etsy has loads of great gifts!

Here are the links:

Leather Wallet With Vintage Ruler Design
Suit Laptop Decal
“Where words fail music speaks” Guitar Pick (This would be great for any music fan)
Beer Sign With Bottle Opener (I love how it catches the lids!!)
Geeky Gaming T-shirt
Lego Iron Man Keychain (♥)
Grey Man Scarf
USB Stick Bracelet (I actually want this!)
PAC-Man Cufflinks

Now onto our next set:

It was so so hard to just choose 9, I almost had 2 sets!!

Here are the links:
Eco Friendly Gift Set
Heart Necklace (I really love this, it’s beautiful ♥)
Knitted Infinity Scarf
Minnie Mouse Reversable Apron
Hamster Plush        (Gemma, this is for you! ^_^)
Peppermint Hot Cocoa Mix
Create Your Own Clutch (I’m hoping to get this for Christmas!)
20 Spotty False Nails With Glue And File
Black And Green Cotton Bag (Gorgeous!)

What’s you’re favourite item? Is there anything you’ve seen that you hope to get?

Sam xx


In Dedication To The Lost Baby Hamsters

It has been a sad time. Over the past few weeks a blogging friend of mine lost 13 baby hamsters due to liver disease. It was really hard for her and she has been so so strong.

Baby Jeeves and Monty, the last babies R.I.P

I wanted to do something to commemorate them, so decided to make a little hamster! This hamster represents all of them, so instead of choosing one of the names given to the babies I have decided to name him ‘Hammy’.
I decided it would be nice to include my pet mice in the picture playing with hammy :) I haven’t had chance to introduce my lovely mice to my blog yet, so this is also their introduction post!

Meet Hammy, Strawberry and Chocolate! Strawberry is the grey mouse and chocolate is the brown one :) They are both female, and are around 1 year old. Strawberry was originally white and cream, but around Christmas she began turning grey. We were really worried when the first grey patch appeared, but it turned out she was just changing colour! There was nothing online about it though, so it can’t be very common. Some time soon I will post a picture of when she was a baby so you can see the difference!

They we’re both so excited to meet Hammy, it was hard to get a picture of them sitting still! That’s where the treat of  Bran Flake’s came in – They loved them!

If you want to pay your respects to the lost little babies and have a look at the gorgeous real hamsters Eve and Dexter instead of looking at my crochet one, go to the lovely Hamster Diaries blog.

As I had this post to share I will be doing my Etsy Finds tomorrow instead of today like usual, so come back tomorrow to check out the lovely finds :)

Thank you for visiting today
Sam xx

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