Etsy Finds Friday – Christmas Edition

I am so sorry its been two weeks since my last post! I’ve not been feeling great so decided to have a break for a little while. Hope you can understand ♥

Over the next few weeks I will be focusing on Christmas gifts, and to cover every collection I will do two groups on each post (e.g. today I will be doing both mum and dad), and I will be doing a post every Friday (like normal) and an extra one on Monday’s :) This will also hopefully help if you want to buy anything as it won’t be too close to Christmas. Also, As always I will post something for every budget! ^_^

So, the first theme is:

Here are the links:
Mother and Daughter Matching Aprons (So pretty!)
‘Mom’ Scrabble Tile Decoration
101 Notes of Thanks for Mom
Personalised Quilted Patchwork Stocking (I want one of these!)
‘Wonderful Mother’ Eye Chart
‘Home is where my Mom is’ Ornament Sign
Personalised Journal/Scrapbook (wow!)
‘Love You Mom’ Clay Birds
Crochet Nursing Necklace

So now here is the next selection:

Here are the links:
‘I love you Dad’ Pencil Set
Personalised Mug (Love this)
‘Worlds Best Dad’ Keychain Bottle opener
Grey Canvas Bag/Backpack
‘You Are My Hero’ Print (Adorable!)
Paint Your Own Dad Doll Stamp Kit (Great idea)
Personalised Hammer Keychain
Mens Holiday Fun Pack (This is amazing!)
Personalised ‘Dad’ Tshirt

Hope you’ve spied the perfect presents for your mum and dad above, and see you on Monday! :)

Sam xx

12 thoughts on “Etsy Finds Friday – Christmas Edition

  1. gutted the journal is a little out of my price budget – I LOVEEEE it, its so quirky and unique and definitely that one of a kind present! Love the nursing bracelet too! And for my dad that hammer keychain is literally PERFECT! :D love this post so much! :D Cant wait for next Friday now! :D

    • Oh I know, the journal is so so beautiful! I want one too! But I can’t afford it either :( Oooh yay I’m glad the keychain is so perfect for you! :D
      Ooh well I’ve decided to do a post on Friday’s and Monday’s whilst its leading up to Christmas so I can fit everything in, so look out then too!! :)

  2. Thanks so much for posting my journal. Love the comments from your lovely readers too! I have a few smaller books that I have in the works to also make as journals. Smaller book = smaller price. I will give any of your readers 10% off of the lower price, as a thank you to you Sam, so if anyone is interested, please send me a message and we can discuss the details. I can make these at just about all price ranges.

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