I won a competition!!

I’m on borrowed internet because I HAD to show you something that arrived yesterday!!!
A few weeks ago I entered a competition to win a Lupi pillow – And I won!! YAY!

I was sooo excited, I got to choose the colours and its turned out perfectly!

I love the cute little drawings on the envelope!! Here is the back too:

Okay, are you ready to see him? :D

Isn’t he adorable?!! (also, do you like our new couch? ^_^)

He came with lots of goodies too! Look:

I was planning on calling him Loopy (Loopy the lupi!) but he seems to have adopted the name ‘Mr Lupi’ instead! He just really suited it :)
I’m completely in love with him!! If you would like one of your own or one of the other wonderful things for sale,  here are the links!

SukiSuki on Etsy
SukiSuki’s Blog

The maker of these wonderful creations is Marianna. She is so friendly, we’ve been talking lots since I won the competition! And she is really talented, her designs are so unique and Mr Lupi is so well made!

It shouldn’t be too much longer for me getting my own internet access, maybe about a week or two. I can’t wait to get back into the blogging world properly!

Thanks for visiting ^_^

Sam xx


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