Monthly Mosaic – June

From today (Wednesday 20th June) I will have no internet for about 2 weeks. Please still feel free to comment or send a message and I will get back to you as soon as I’m back! I have organised for some posts to auto-post, sorry if this doesn’t work!

I have seen this around the blogging world a lot and love the idea so I thought I’d include it on my blog :) Its basically a mosaic to show all the things I’ve been posting about this month! I think it will be great to look back at them at the end of the year :)

Wow, what a busy month, and that doesn’t even have everything I’ve posted about! Its almost my first month anniversary, I’m looking forward to celebrating it! I might even make some cupcakes ^_^

Sam xx


4 thoughts on “Monthly Mosaic – June

    • Thank you! The mosaics are pretty aren’t they! I use a program called Photoscape and its really easy to use. You can create ‘pages’ which are really easy to make. They have set shapes and you just drag the pictures you want to use into the boxes! Here is the link to the free download for the program:
      You can do all sorts with the program like editing and things, but I manly use it for the pages and borders! Let me know if you need any help running it :)

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