Meet Herbert!

Herbert the penguin was made as a surprise gift for my friend who loves penguins :) Throughout making him he was known as ‘Mr Penguin’, and was named ‘Herbert’ by my friend the moment she saw him!

Isn’t he adorable! My friend absolutely loved him!

He was made with yarn from my stash that have lost their labels (oops!) I wasn’t sure what colours to make him, but apparently they were the perfect choice as purple is her favourite colour! Yay! I decided to choose yellow and orange to create a subtle stripe for the scarf :)

You can find the pattern here. It is another pattern by the lovely Stephanie. She makes adorable things and her patterns are great to follow :) The only change I made was to attach the scarf instead of making it removable.

I plan to make my own little penguin one day soon!

P.s.  Happy Fathers Day to all the daddy’s out there :)

Thanks for visiting today!
Sam xx


19 thoughts on “Meet Herbert!

  1. He’s adorable! Was he difficult to make? I have had this pattern saved for a while because my boyfriend loves penguins but I’m not sure if I would be able to make him!

  2. Herbert is such a cutie! He is so beautifully crocheted, and I love the subtle change in colour for his scarf! Great work, Samantha!

    • Isn’t he cute! Have fun making him – I’d love to see the results!
      Sorry for the delay in replying, we have just moved and have no internet set up yet :( I’ve been really missing blogging so I’ve popped on my sisters for a while!

  3. My granddaughter would LOVE this – she just finished watching “Popper’s Penguins” (starring Jim Carey – who is surprised to find a crateload of penguins delivered to him). My daughter was big into penguins when she was a little girl, and now my granddaughter has my daughter’s old stuffed penguins. :)

    • Aww how cute!! You should make her one, I bet she’d love it!!
      I’ve not seen Poppers Penguins yet, but I did see the adverts for it and plan to see it soon! It looks really funny :)

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