My Most Recent (Completed) Crochet Project

Meet May! She was named after the month she was created, and she is my most recent finished crochet project. I really like how she turned out ^_^
This is the first time I have used fabric to accentuate a project, and I love the effect! I will definitely be using fabric in the future!

(A close up of her flower)

The Pattern is by the very talented Stephanie Lau. Her blog is here: and the pattern is here: I have made quite a few things from her patterns and they always turn out well! I’m currently making one of her penguins for a friend!

Materials used: 100% acrylic from my stash for body and flower; 100% cotton from my stash for nose; fabric cut from old clothes

The flowers in the background will be in a future post :)

What have you been making recently?
Sam xx


17 thoughts on “My Most Recent (Completed) Crochet Project

  1. This is adorable! I have only just started learning to crochet so I am practising the different stitches by making a throw of different granny squares. I can’t wait until I am able to make projects like this one!

    • Thank you! I started out by making a throw too, I think its a great way to learn! I’ve not competed it yet though, its really big and I keep putting it aside to make things like this! Let me know if you need any help or advice :)

      • It really is! There are so many designs that cover pretty much all of the stitches. Yeah I’ll probably take a break after a little while and try something a bit different. I’ll probably get fed up of it otherwise! Thank you, if I need any tips I’ll let you know :)

  2. What a lovely bunny you’ve made, Samantha :) Thank you so much for the very sweet shout-out, and I’m so happy that you’ve enjoyed working through my patterns!!!

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